THE FIRST PLACE WHERE DEVELOPERS SPEED UP THEIR CODES through algorithms and mathematical models


If you are a developer you know how difficult is to implement the code without bugs and errors. Pigreek invents the paradigm Algorithm as a service providing services to facilitate the coding through a platform where finding the best solution to be integrated in your work.

Software Houses

Pigreek supports software implementation . By a one-of-a-kind approach, Pigreek provides a support to optimize algorithms or to create new ones, so that every step of the work is accurately designed for long-lasting services and products


Pigreek provides a package of several mathematical algorithms to facilitate and to accelerate the implementation during the coding. The solutions are provided in the cloud (Saas and Daas)

Business Companies

Pigreek provides a market oriented action of research and development to companies that want to explore and improve strategies and technical issues with a so unique and hard skilled expertise

For genuine developers only

Pigreek turns to developers that will now have something extra to make their work more effective and efficient.
Through the integration of powerful algorithms and mathematical models in your code you could optimize it with minimal effort

Our mission is to improve the world through mathematics
"Without math, there's nothing you can do"

Pigreek is a young business company committed to the creation of algorithms and mathematical models.

By a strong and hard activity of R&D, Pigreek creates innovative solutions for developers and software houses.

Pigreek provides mainly services in the cloud (Saas and Daas) and provides assistance with a professional advising activity.

The team is composed by young differently skilled young researchers that work together contaminating visions and experiences.

The aim is optimize everything in the world, to improve everyday life for everyone and to create a better world.

  • optimization, statistics, data analysis

  • econophysics, nanotechnology, mechatronics

  • python, simulation, risk management

  • strategic planning, business developing, logistics


Pigreek team is supported by young skilled researchers in mathematics, physics, engineering and computer science

Alumni Mathematica

R&D Partner
Alumni Mathematica is a non profit organization committed in independent scientific research and divulgation of mathematical sciences


Contacting us is the first step to improve your code, to improve your business and consequently to improve the world
So don't waste your time!